Kendrick Lamar took a break from working on his highly anticipated forthcoming album to stop by Power 105.1's The Breakfast Club to discuss the controversial reception of his feel-good single "i," the album's progress, when "King Kunta" will hit the airwaves, and his rumored beef with Drake.

Despite his single "i" receiving mixed reviews from the public, KDot still managed to score a big deal to have the track serve as the official song for the NBA. Fans have put the song on the back burner after stories broke out about his upcoming single "King Kunta" and the hype that's been surrounding it. Scott Vener of HBO's Entourage, in particular, took to Twitter to post several tweets praising the song, saying it "f***ed him up for real."

When asked about the meaning of the song, KDot said this, "It's about a few different things and me being creative as possible. That's what it's about."

Kendrick went on to discuss the progress of his forthcoming untitled album. Since the release of his chart topping album good kid, m.A.A.d. City fans have been desperate for the Compton native to release another project. While there's still no official release date for the album, Kendrick revealed inspiration is the only thing holding him up from releasing the material.

"The hold up is inspiration really, I don't get in the studio just to rap. I'm in a space now where I got to actually have something that moves me. Going around experiencing different people and meeting different people and having my own issues in life in general, that inspires me to get in the studio and do what I got to do and say something where the people can connect again just as they did with good kid."

Kendrick also made room to address the rumored beef with Toronto rapper Drake. Despite the two publicly voicing their appreciation for the other, many still believe they have unfinished business. KDot cleared the air on the situation and wishes everyone would shut up about the non-existent tension he has with him.

"People need to leave and let that go man. It wasn’t no issue from the jump, I think [when] people talk about beef, it’s just a whole other dynamic. I can’t see myself going bar for bar with Drake, we’re two different type of artists."