Comedian Katt Williams and Death Row Records CEO Suge Knight were recently arrested for allegedly stealing a camera from a female paparazzo, but after being released from jail yesterday (Oct. 29) in Malibu, Williams remembers the incident happening a little differently than how it's currently being perceived. Just hours after his release, Williams told TMZ he and Knight were protecting a child from being recorded and never took the woman's camera.

Williams, who's no stranger to police, said he and Suge observed the female paparazzo recording a five-year-old child in an alley alone and automatically assumed she was conducting an inappropriate act with the minor. Williams also claims the woman agreed to delete the footage of the child but then she hauled her ass out of there, thus initiating the chase.

The recounts of the incident are getting crazier and crazier. Suge Knight has yet to speak on the matter, but maybe his side of the story will piece the entire puzzle together. To listen to Williams' entire testimony of the incident, check the video above.