Detroit's own Kash Doll links up with fellow D-Town artist La'Britney in her new visual for "Actin Funny," a track that finds the two rappers calling out the potential back-stabbers that accompany fame and fortune.

Directed by Marty McFly, the visual for "Actin Funny" finds Kash Doll and La'Britney kicking back and counting up their money. However, that money has led to encounters with pretty sketchy folks. La'Britney kicks things off on the song, letting those phonies know what's up.

"Niggas switching sides on the low/I can feel it it, I can see the jealousy inside ya eyes/Sneak dissing on the low/They don’t know i keep it live," she sings on the track.

Kash Doll, who's just days removed from dropping her Brat Mail mixtape, diagnoses the problem herself within the opening few bars of her verse on the track.

"Y’all some crab in the barrel type bitches/You know that jealous shit is a real sickness
Oh i get it/You don’t like the way i spin it/You don’t like the way I’m shining cuz these diamonds they be hitting," she spits.

The track and video are an example of two Detroit artists teaming up to represent their city to the fullest. All in all, you can only respect it. Salute.

Peep La'Britney's new video for "Actin Funny" below. Watch Kash Doll's semi-throwback video for "For Everybody," when you're done with that.

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