One year after dropping her Lost En Los Angeles album, Little Rock, Ark.-bred artist Kari Faux pulls up with her Primary EP, a seven-track EP that chronicles a young woman coming of age, while serving to mark her next step on the road to rap stardom.

The new project features production from the likes of Gage Lane, Park Ave, Black Party, Matt Martians, and, of course, Kari herself. Throughout the project, Kari flaunts an effortless cool and strong dexterity as she switches between sing-song flows and 1990s-inspired rapping.

Speaking with XXL last year, Kari described her sound as "alternative rap," and offered up a window into the sorts of music she listened to growing up. “I listened to a lot of different things. I listen to the radio a lot growing up so like anything from the early 2000s from the radio I’m probably in love with," she said at the time.

She continued, "My dad used to listen to a lot of classical and Parliament and jazz bands. My mom was a minister so I heard a lot of gospel. I just listened to anything that anybody else was listening to, then I discovered my own. I got [Kanye West’s] The College Dropout in elementary and I also have [OutKast’s] The Love Below, which is like my favorite album ever."

Stream Kari Faux's Primary EP below. Cop it on iTunes.

Kari Faux's Primary EP Tracklist

1. "Facetious" (Prod. by Gage Lane and Park Ave.)
2. "Gotta Know" Feat. Jerry Paper (Prod. by Jerry Paper)
3. "Gimmearide?" (Prod. by Matt Martians)
4. "Lowkey" (Prod. by Black Party and Kari Faux)
5. "New Thang (Interlude)" (Prod. by Kari Faux and Matt Martians)
6. "Color Wheel" (Prod. by Matt Martians)
7. "Maybe, One Day" Feat. Lord Narf (Prod. by Kari Faux and Melo-X)

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