Kanye West has never been shy about wearing his heart on his sleeve during live performances. Known for using his stage time long, drawn out rants against any and everything, 'Ye's performances are known for his antics just as much as they are known for his extensive catalog.

During his closing set at San Francisco's Outside Lands Festival, Yeezy took the time out to address his current crusade against the media. After cutting his 2012 banger "Clique" short, Kanye spoke directly to the press speaking negatively of him, saying, "instead of embracing the moment, embracing the time, the era, the season that they're living in--called Yeezy season."

'Ye continued to run through his set before pausing in the middle of "Runaway" to let the fans know, "At the Yeezy show, everyone is a star. I promote self-confidence! If you're a friend of mine, you're really just a friend of yourself!"

Yeezy season has returned.