Kanye West is back with his second new song of the day, and unlike "Lift Yourself," this one doesn't even slightly resemble a troll. The track, which features T.I., is called "Ye vs. the People," and it finds both Yeezy and Tip going back and forth about 'Ye's recent surge of President Trump support.

The track was premiered by DJ Sourmilk and Justin Credible on L.A.'s Power 106 radio program, L.A. Leakers, on Friday night (April 27).

In the song, Yeezy turns in what's essentially his own musical form of his Twitter rants about Trump, groupthink and conformity. “That’s the problem with this damn nation/All Blacks gotta be Democrats/Man, we ain’t made it off the plantation,” 'Ye raps on the track.

For his part, Tip argues against Yeezy, explaining that what 'Ye believes to be empowering, others could see as degrading. It's a conversation you've really got to hear for yourself. "It's bigger than your selfish agenda if your election ain't gon' stop police from murdering niggas," T.I. rhymes.

As you might recall, it was just today that Tip revealed that he actually met with Yeezus on Thursday (April 26), and after their meeting, he explained that he refused to give up on the Chi-Town hero. Now, we might have a glimpse at what they're behind closed doors conversation might have looked like.

You can hear some of Kanye and Tip's new track "Ye vs. the People" for yourself below.

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