Kanye West recently unveiled the first official trailer for his video game Only One in all its glory during the 2016 Electronic Entertainment Expo, also known as E3 for short.
The premise of the game, though still unclear from the trailer, seems to have to do with getting West's late mother Donda into heaven, whether it be via flying through the pearly gates or hitching a ride on Pegasus-like horses.

While many in the gaming and music world were intrigued by the trailer, of course, any new project Kanye puts his hands on comes with its fair share of haters. And while the Los Angeles gaming expo played host to a number of press conferences, the creators of South Park took time out of unveiling their newest game, South Park: The Fractured But Whole, to poke fun at Yeezy's game.

South Park's Trey Parker and Matt Stone were at Ubisoft’s press conference on Thursday (June 16) when they made fun of Only One. Parker said the plot of their new game was about a gay fish that loves fish sticks and who wants to help get his mother into heaven. When Parker and Stone heard only minor laughter from the crowd, they knew they had to expand on the joke.

“You’re all acting like this shit is regular. This shit's hard," Parker joked. “I hope you all saw the Kanye thing.”

South Park super fans will tell you that back in 2009, West was parodied on the show in an episode called "Gayfish." The entire episode centered around Kanye denying his sexual orientation and desire to be a fish until the very end. Parker's E3 joke was clearly a continuation on the running joke. South Park spoofed 'Ye again in 2013, this time incorporating his wife Kim Kardashian in on the joke.

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