It looks like Yeezy season may be upon us once again, as Kanye West has been spotted carrying his laptop while sporting a huge smile on his face.

The Yeezus rapper was caught arriving at his office in Calabasas, Calif., where paparazzi snapped some photos of him donning a huge grin from ear to ear, which is a bit out of his typical paparazzi character. As his fan base is well aware, the super producer previously refused to smile for photos, but it looks like 2018 is welcoming in a new, happier Mr. West.

Carrying a laptop in his hand, fans went into a frenzy, as history has shown that a laptop with `Ye usually equates to new music being on the way in the near future. After putting some of the pieces together, the hitmaker's supporters are already predicting some epic music to come.

Kanye has been working on his next album over the last year, which will follow up to his last project, The Life of Pablo. He reportedly recorded new music on top of a mountain in Wyoming. Fans have also seen him take meetings with the likes of Migos and others, where he was seen turning up inside a studio to unknown songs with the rap trio.

While there's no word on when we can expect any new Kanye, this certainly will keep fans at the edges of their seats as they await new heat.

Check out the response from fans after seeing Kanye smiling with his laptop below.

See the Tweets From Kanye West Fans About Him Smiling With His Laptop

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