At a recent concert in Melbourne, Australia, Kanye West decided to sing over his “Say You Will” instrumental about the girls that have done him wrong in the past. This is not the first time Yeezy has treated his fans to a heartfelt freestyle. He famously shouted out Amber Rose in Philadelphia last November while on The Throne tour.

While crooning West spoke about late night conversations with his lovers. “It's like 2:45 and you know what type of texts niggas send at that time," 'Ye sang. "I text her and I said, 'Are you alive?' That’s when you send that text and say, 'Hey, are you alive? 'Cause the only reason why you not here bitch is you better have died.”

Yeezy kept the subject of his rhymes anonymous throughout. “And you know they got a new muthafucka, and you know you just want to fuck her to prove the next nigga ain't as good as you and he can’t do what you do," he sang. "So baby if you give me one chance.”

“This is the type of pussy you risk your life for, this is the type of pussy you leave your wife for,” West added.

West and Jay-Z just announced European dates in May through June for their collaborative Throne tour. There are also rumors about a Watch the Throne sequel and Jay and 'Ye’s next individual solo projects. –Nicholas Sella