Kanye West has gotten really good at ranting. The man is somewhat of an expert on the subject now; in fact, we can only hope that Kanye will one day rant about going on rants. The way he uses auto-tune so that certain words in his statements get that touch of emotion is brilliant. And the way he suddenly screams out of nowhere—and we're talking blood-curdling screams—is amazing. He's given a lot of them recently (while also wearing a diamond-incrusted luchador mask) as part of the Yeezus Tour. We decided to compile them and break them down:



Subjects touched on: Evil media bias, god, music, his dentist

Best line: "I had this one dentist, and anytime he was cleaning my teeth, he would say something like, 'Yo when I was at dentist school, and I was depressed'…and then he would always put it in music terms, he would be like, 'It’d be like if you were in the studio.' And I’d be like, 'I understand English, you don’t have to put it in music terms for me when I understand motherfucking English!'"

Number of times Kanye uses scary scream voice: 2

Number of times Kanye threatens the media : 1


Las Vegas

Subjects touched on: Talking shit, being yourself, his upbringing, fashion show security

Best line: "Fuck TV!"

Number of times he talks about his mom getting arrested for protesting: 1

Number of times he talks about his life in Chicago at age 14: 1

Number of times he almost falls off stage cause he's so enthusiastic and excited: 1.5


Los Angeles

Subjects touched on: Evil media bias, mysterious person who keeps doubting him, Michael Jackson, Michael Jordan

Best line: "They said Michael Jackson wouldn’t do anything like that, and I said, 'Well I ain’t Michael Jackson motherfucker!'”

Number of times he asks crowd if he's talking too much shit: 2

Number of times crowd members said yes to question: 12,342 (unofficial rough estimate)

Number of times he talks about unnamed person who doubts him: 1



Subjects touched on: Amazing creative inventors, mysterious person who keeps doubting him, Disney, "dancing all sloppy"

Best line: "Someone in this crowd is gonna find a cure for cancer!"

Number of times he refers to his daughter as a "little baby small midget": 1

Number of times a random person in the crowd yells "I can do anything!": 1

Number of times he talks about unnamed person who doubts him: 2



Subjects touched on: Complainers, past tours, high school

Best line: "Feels like I’m back in high school again!"

Number of questions he asks crowd:  5

Number of times he gives crowd time to respond: 0



Subjects touched on: Dreams, Disney, Muhammed Ali, power, mysterious person who keeps doubting him

Best line:  "And I wish you could see my tears right now. Put your hands up high. I wish you could feel my pain right now. Cause these dreams keep me up at night."

Number of details he gives on unnamed person who doubts him: 1 ("dude used to run a multi-billion dollar company or something")

Number of times he says being a genius is a burden: 1