March Madness is always a thrilling time for college basketball fans who fill out their brackets, but hip-hop fans are also getting in on the action in their own way. Last week, customized brackets for Kanye West, Drake and J. Cole songs went viral on social media, and now fans are getting into some serious debates.

Each separate song bracket for all three artists contain hit records, as well as fan favorites from over the years. While Yeezy's "Kanye Madness" bracket has songs such as the Jay-Z-assisted "Otis"  and "School Spirit," Drizzy has some of his chart-topping songs, along with his timed freestyles, including "5AM in Toronto," which actually won the entire bracket.

Fans of each artist, as well as general hip-hop heads, have been participating in the debate by taking votes in different polls to determine which song gets to go to the next round. Although some have already determined the results of their brackets, others are continuing the debate all over social media within their own following.

Take a look for yourself to see the Kanye, Drizzy and Cole song brackets that have social media debating.

See What Fans Have Been Picking for the Kanye West-Inspired March Madness Bracket

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