Kamaiyah is back. On Friday afternoon (Sept. 29), the 2017 XXL Freshman dropped a video for her new song "Successful," and she definitely looks the part of her title.

The new track, produced by Stunna June, feels sort of like a sequel to her A Good Night in the Ghetto track, "How Does It Feel." On that song, the Bay Area rapper wonders how it feels to be rich and successful. On "Successful," she's spitting about actually being on—and trying to stay there.

"Now I love myself, ya'll all floss/Ain't shit that can make me fall off/I work everyday, no boss/If you want it, you gotta pay the cost," Kamaiyah spits on the distinctly West Coast beat while also flaunting her knack for melody. This definitely slaps.

Being the victory lap of a song it is, it's only right the Oakland native has a good time in her Damien Sandoval-directed video. Throughout the vid, we see the 25-year-old either popping champagne on a speed boat with her friends, cruising around in flossy whips or riding around on a jet ski. Safe to say she had a blast.

"Successful" finds Kamaiyah picking up right where she left off, and she does so with her uniquely Bay Area sound. That's something she's decided to bring with her whenever she records—no matter what.

“My biggest thing when I start recording is for me to sound regionally as normal as possible verses me not sounding like I’m not from where I’m from,” she said said when we interviewed her at the 2017 XXL Freshman cover shoot. “That’s what makes me stand out.”

Watch Kamaiyah's "Successful" video below.

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