K Camp drops the video for “Rockstar Crazy." The song, produced by Nard & B and XL, is another notch on Camp's belt. The rapper seems like he can make party bangers in his sleep.

"Rockstar crazy/Kush got em' lazy/Kill em on occasions/That boy right there basic/CLS Mercedes, pull up on your baby," he raps.

The video is pretty simple. K Camp and a beautiful young woman dance in the middle of a barren desert while wearing a fur coat. He then puts on a one-man concert. Hopefully this is a sign that KISS 4 is dropping soon. Back in October, the Lyric Ave artist sat down with XXL and discussed his evolution musically.

“You have to stay ahead of the curve and make sure you don’t get left behind. That’s the most important thing,” he explained. “The niggas coming in can easily change the whole game and then the nigga that’s rapping about politicians, they don’t want to hear that shit anymore. Nobody wants to hear that hip-hop hip-hop shit. Honestly, I refuse to sit there and listen to it because there’s just a new wave going. It changes, man. You can’t really control the shit. Who knows what y’all next cover is going to be. Who knows who y’all are going to have on it next. Y’all the ones influencing the shit. Y’all the ones that’s changing the shit so what do y’all got up y’all sleeve? Y’all tell us.”

You can peep the video below.

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