Even the DJ's in Atlanta have the juice right now as Genius, who serves as K Camp's official DJ, gets a crack on the microphone with "Genius 2.0." Bringing Camp and Que along for the ride, the trio rap about a life fit for the big screen. Club nights, models on deck, bottles and music, these three know how to make a movie worth paying admission for. Check out the song above.

Genius, who hails from East Atlanta by way of Negril, Jamaica, explained the working relationship he has with K Camp and learning from his rapping counterpart every time they step into the studio together.

“I’ll start writing a hook then go lay down a few ideas,” Genius told VIBE. “Camp will just go in the booth lay down some crazy dope shit outta nowhere, haha, then we just see what works with the record. If Camp is fucking with something he hears he will start engineering and chopping and cutting shit. he has a lot of experience in building a record so working with Camp is a learning experience every time we in the lab.”

"Movie 2.0" will appear on Genius' A Eastside Story: Deluxe Edition album due out in June.

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