Playboi Carti's song "Magnolia" is starting to take over. And as one of the typical signs that a track is that wave, unofficial remixes are starting to pop up. K Camp is the latest artist to try his hand at the Pierre Bourne beat.

The Atlanta rapper holds his own on the jumping instrumental, riding the pulsating wave with lines like, "Range Rover bitch it's game over/Good in the hood bitch I feel like Big Soulja/Bih can I put it in your hole like a gofer/Hot Boy, No Limit soldier/It's the wave, It's the wave/I might cut the dreads and go back to the waves."

"Magnolia," which recently landed on the Billboard Hot 100, is quickly working its way into the early running for "song of the summer." Along with the average fan, LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers are loving the song. Tyler, The Creator is definitely feeling the track.

Camp is working on the follow-up LP to his debut album Only Way Is Up, which dropped in 2015. He recently spoke with XXL about his latest moves and the upcoming sophomore release. "I got 200-300 songs, I could put an album out right now if I wanted to," he said. "It just gotta be the perfect time for that. You can’t just drop an album unnecessarily. You gotta build the hype up and you gotta drop it the right way, so when it’s time to drop that shit, the world gonna know."

Listen to K Camp's "Magnolia" freestyle below.

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