J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League, who is the team of Rook, Colione and Barto, are the creative minds behind Rick Ross’ “Maybach Music” song series. Many rap fans look forward to another edition because Rozay and J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League manage to outdo themselves since they started the series on Trilla.

On Ross’ forthcoming album Mastermind, “Maybach Music V” is not part of the tracklist. With four songs already made for the series, it’s surprising that the fifth installment isn’t present. We spoke to the group just days before Rozay’s drops his sixth album on Mar. 4 to find out why the producers are waiting to put out their masterpiece.

On Leaving "Maybach Music V" Off Mastermind:

Rook: He pushes envelope so much and he trusts us so much that there’s no "Maybach Music V" on this album because he understands that. It was a joint vision that we had between J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League and Rick Ross. There’s nobody else who can touch that. We felt that this time we just needed to give people a break. Give them Mastermind and we can come back and change the world again with "Maybach Music V."

My perspective is, well, you know, I can speak for the guys that every time a "Maybach Music" drops, with the exception of the first one because we didn’t know the reception of the first one what we were gonna get. Every time it dropped, we wanted to ensure that it’s a musicality that hasn’t been reached before in rap and hip-hop. And to outdo yourself for the fifth time in a row, creatively it’s not the easiest process to outdo yourself for a fifth time in a row. So we have to ensure that it has to be something that’s never been done before in rap. We can’t just put anything out there and just be like, 'Here’s "Maybach Music V" and then boom.' We have to ensure that we are not to be fucked with. Rick Ross is not to be fucked with.

It’s one of those things [that] you can’t download "Maybach Music V." You can’t download the sounds. You can’t download the musicality. You can’t download the music charts. This is something that comes from our hearts and our minds that’s never been done before. People got to recognize that.

On How The Track Would Sound Like:

You are asking for spoilers man. We just gotta take our time and make sure it’s never been done before and the people will appreciate it. We have to question ourselves creatively. We have to question ourselves whether will people even like it. That’s what we did on each one of them. We didn’t know if anybody would like any of the "Maybach Music"'s because they were so different and so ahead of their time and timeless at the same time. We didn’t know. We have to question ourselves. Are people going to like this? Also, we have to make people guess: How did they do that? How the fuck did they even do that?