With his newest album, Stay Trippy, set to hit stores tomorrow, Juicy J is singing the praises of the woman who has the entire world buzzing after her performance at MTV's Video Music Awards last night.  In an interview with Miss Info for Hot 97, Juicy J praised Cyrus for her ability to twerk.

"I saw a video and she twerked," Juicy J said yesterday. "Then when I went on stage and did my show in L.A., she came out on stage and showed me what it was. I was like, 'Wow.' Miley Cyrus is the best twerker, hands down. Don't get mad. She knows how to throw that ass. She's the best twerker hands down...She knows how to twerk that ass."

Juicy J would also go on to celebrate Miley for more than her ability to rhythmically jiggle her ass on stage, praising her talent and creative ability, as well.

"Miley is a genius," he said. "She's super talented. She's worked with Dr. Luke. She's worked with Mike Will [Made It], lots of producers. She knows what she wants and she goes to get it."

You can watch the full video above.

[Via HipHopDX]