Every so often, I awaken in the middle of the night, the horrifying effects of sobriety rocking me to my very core. Still half asleep, I quickly reach for a double cup, or better yet, a blunt submerged in a double cup, before reality sets in—there are none in sight. I'm still feeling the effects of my dream. I'm drifting out of my fantasy night out with Juicy J, perhaps brought on by watching old reruns of Adventures in Hollyhood, or listening to Rubbaband Business 2 way past my bedtime. Just as I begin to settle back into my mundane existence, Juicy J drops Blue Dream & Lean, and I’m back—another opportunity to live vicariously through the trippiest rapper in the game.

“Man this weed got me with the munchies, I need a snack/Even after winning Oscars, we don’t know how to act,” Juicy J proclaims on the Lex Luger produced opener “Drugged Out.” It’s a fitting start, setting the stage for another mixtape of unapologetic irresponsibility, and curb-stomping beats galore (also known as Juicy doing Juicy). Other standout tracks include the Drumma Boy produced "Big Bank,” and “Stoner’s Night 2,” alongside Taylor Gang labelmate Wiz Khalifa.

Occasionally, Juicy manages to digress from drug talk, addressing tamer subjects like cutting out people’s tongues and using firearms, as he does on “Ain’t Allowed Where I’m From” and “Stay Strapped,” both of which feature his older brother, Project Pat. With a menacing “Snip! Snip!” ad lib, chopping off someone’s fingers has never sounded so fun.

Speaking of, it’s hard to put a finger on what makes Juicy J’s mixtapes so fun. They’re predictable—all the beats kind of sound the same—and they’re a bit overwhelming: this one clocking in at 28 songs. The Juice man’s distaste for moderation appears to be the same, whether it’s in regard to recreational drug use or creating a track list of a reasonable length. Even so, Blue Dream & Lean ends up being another Juicy J mixtape that’s just truly hard not to enjoy. So grab your vices and leave your sensibilities behind; it’s time to get trippy. —Neil Martinez-Belkin (@Neil_MB)