Between concerts and interminable recording sessions, rappers are busy folk, and sometimes, if you want to catch up with them, you've got to do so on their terms. That's a task XXL took on for the first episode of Spend Some Time, a new franchise where we literally spend some time doing whatever the artist has in mind. Up first is Juice Wrld, who linked up with XXL at Chinatown's Unique Hype Collection over the summer.

Rocking a Hawaiian style Louis Vuitton top with a navy blue Supreme T-Shirt tucked underneath, Juice looks right at home as he makes his way through the doors of Unique Hype Collection, a famed Supreme resale store rappers visit regularly to restock their drip. For this particular trip, Juice, an Interscope Records artist who rose to stardom when his 2017 single "Lucid Dreams" caught fire this past spring, dropped multiple racks as he gleefully purchased some Supreme gear.

Before jumping into his shopping spree—which ultimately cost him $6,006.58—the Chicago rapper kicked back and gave XXL a rundown of both his fashion and musical influences and more. First off, Juice cites Tyler, The Creator and Odd Future as the folks who inspired his love of Supreme.

"I remember seeing [Supreme] early on, just me being obsessed with just skating and stuff like that," Juice tells XXL. "Around like sixth [or] seventh grade, that's when [Tyler, the Creator], Odd Future started blowing up," he continues. "That had a big influence, too, 'cause [Tyler, the Creator] used to always wear 'Preme. Tyler, that's another one of my influences, like I [was] really, really, really, really listening to Odd Future like super heavy. They used to just mention 'Preme a lot, so I just kinda educated myself more on it."

Juice was also impressed with the clique's rebellious vibes. "They were different," the 19-year-old explains. "There were a couple of people that took the same approach as them before, like, Big L, maybe, or like, Public Enemy, almost, with the whole 'fuck the police' thing. It was just different."

Juice is currently riding momentum of "Lucid Dreams," which is currently holding down a No. 3 spot in the Billboard Hot 100 chart. The track was originally released on his 2017 project, 999, but it picked up serious stream as he dropped off his Goodbye & Good Riddance album this past May.

The chart-climbing rapper is doing big things, but he's in no rush to put out a ton of new tracks. Juice Wrld says he's sitting on 120 songs and been in the studio with Ski Mask The Slump God, an artist he's looking to make joint mixtape with. What's the hold up?

"We locked in a couple times, we just gotta—we both doing shit. He getting money, touring," Juice shares. "[I'm] doing the same shit, so I guess whenever shit is kinda at peace, we can link up, lock in a couple more times. See what happens."

Speaking a bit more on Ski—the two call each other "evil twins"—Juice offers nothing but praise. "He's most definitely one of the most talented people out right now," Juice says. "Ain't nobody spitting flows like him. And, the shit that he says is different, too. He won't drop like, a regular punchline, he'll say some whole other shit and bring it back on your ass."

Elsewhere in the interview, Juice Wrld lists his five biggest rap influences, his knack for freestyling and more. See what Juice has to say for yourself by watching the first episode of Spend Some Time above.

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