The ascendant Joyner Lucas returns with "Just Like You," his self-directed video for a thoughtful Dawaun Parker, Nineteen85 & Boi-1da-produced track off his forthcoming 508-507-2209 project. The new audio/visual combo finds the Worcester, Ma.-based MC assuming the perspectives of children struggling in their search for idyllic—or even average—role models.

In the first video, we see Joyner taking on the perspective of a small boy whose father drinks 40s and smokes with the homies all the time. He's also involved in a good deal of thuggery, too, which Joyner gets at in his first verse on the song.

"Look, I don't wanna be no fuck nigga/I don't wanna sell drugs, nigga/I don't wanna fuck mad hoes/And then claim I can't find love with 'em/I don't wanna be no super thug/I don't ever wanna get tripped up/I don't wanna get drunk and high and spend all my time in the strip club," the "Ultrasound" performer raps in the song, as the small boy stands and faces his father, offering Joyner's verse as a means of voicing his disapproval.

In the second verse, Joyner takes on the perspective of a small girl who doesn't "wanna be hopeless" and "a pretty girl with no focus." In that part of the video, we see the small girl looking every bit as dejected as the boy from earlier in the clip.

The new video marks a sort of countdown to the release of Joyner's 508-507-2209, which is all set to drop on June 16—which is, of course 2Pac's birthday. That part's probably a coincidence, though. Either way, the Atlantic Records rapper is definitely doing big things.

Peep Joyner's new visual for yourself below.

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