After teasing new music last month, Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown make it official by dropping the new track, "Stranger Things," and announcing the upcoming joint project, Angels & Demons, today (Feb. 25).

Lucas told us this was coming. "You ever heard Michael Jackson rap?" he wrote on Twitter in January. "Lol well Me and @chrisbrown got a lot of heat in the oven. No bullshit tho,, breezy mite be my new favorite rapper. 😎 you’ll see."

Now we get to hear the first fruits of their labor on the new banger. Produced by Jordon Manswell and Ye Ali, the beatmakers deploy a loop from the theme music of the popular Netflix series of the same name. Joyner and Breezy go from zero to 100 real quick, spitting rapid-fire flows over the pounding soundscape. CB shows off his improved bars on the first verse.

"Bottles and a bucket full of ice (yeah)/Better make room, vroom hear the lambo (celebrate)," he spits. "Bitch better believe that I'ma sniper (yeah)/You know I'm about to take you from your man tho (so celebrate)/Pop up with the chopper and artificial niggas acting like bitches done started up a epidemic/It don't make a difference, nigga we winning,I'm plenty grinning/A hundred million platinum fucking you ain't got to listen."

Never to be outdone, JL takes up the rear spitting, "It's a matter of time ’fore I lose it/And strategize with the movement/Walk in the trap like a boss, ooh/Hoe, you know I'm dripping with the sauce, ooh."

The video for the song finds Joyner and Breezy working for a pest control company. But, instead of ridding the city of vermin, the duo turn their work van into a party bus.

Joyner's stock has been on the rise, following the release of his latest album, 508-507-2209 and follow-up freestyles. No official release date has been given for the Angels & Demons project.

Check out Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown's new song below.


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