After teaming up for the track "Stranger Things" in February, Joyner Lucas and Chris Brown are back with a new video for the song "I Don't Die."

Directed by Lucas and Ben Proulx, the satirical video stars the two artists as inmates on death row who continue to mock prison guards after their failed execution attempts. Breezy are Lucas are put through lethal injection, the electric chair and a firing squad but as the song's title suggest, they don't die.

"Niggas pass the Patron, I think I'ma go and drink it until I pass out in the back of the Rover/Ménage on my mind (ayy), I've been on my grind (woo)/Been through so much, sometimes think that God ain't on my side (yeah)/I cut all my friends off then say y'all ain't on my vibe," Joyner raps with his signature rapid fire flow.

The duo eventually make an easy escape from prison but in an ironic turn of fate, while running away from the guards, Breezy and Lucas are hit by a speeding truck, bringing an end to their antics.

Along with a verse from Brown, the singer also handles the song's chorus, singing, "You want that ambulance to pick me up and take me on that ride, yeah/Hoping that they don't revive a nigga and bring me back to life."

"I Don't Die" will be featured on Lucas and Brown's upcoming collaboration project, Angels & Demons. Originally announced in February, the record doesn't have an official release date yet.

Up next for Lucas, the "I'm Not Racist" rapper kicks off his I'm Kind of a Big Deal Tour on May 6 in Toronto, Canada. The 27-date trek continues through June 7 when Lucas wraps up in Boston at the House of Blues.

Check out the "I Don't Die" video below.

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