After teaming up with Chris Brown on the song "Stranger Things," Joyner Lucas is now sticking up for the singer against people who bring up his past.

On Friday (March 16), Lucas hopped on Instagram to call out the Breezy haters and ask when will people realize Brown's level of talent. "That nigga's not from this planet, nigga. I been telling niggas this shit for years, bro," the rapper said. "I don't know what planet that nigga from but that nigga not from earth."

The "I'm Not Racist" artist also slammed people who constantly bring up Brown's domestic violence history as a way to take away from his achievements. "And I see every time this nigga do some superhuman shit the first thing muh'fuckers wanna post is, 'Oh, but he's a woman beater,'" Lucas said. "You can do that shit all you want but that does not take away from the fact that he's gonna do what he do better than any nigga who's ever done it."

According to Lucas, bringing up Breezy's history of domestic violence is a "scapegoat comment." The rapper added, "But just remember, Malcom X had a past."

Lucas continued to mock people who use comment, highlighting how often it's used. "When the nigga start singing better than any nigga who's ever sung before—'Oh, but he's a woman beater,'" he said. "Then the nigga start rapping better than your favorite rappers—'But he's a woman beater.' And then the nigga starts balling better than your favorite baller—'But he's a woman beater.' Shut the fuck up!"

Along with his Breezy collab, Joyner also recently remixed BlocBoy JB and Drake's "Look Alive." As always, Lucas made the song his own, spitting fire bar after fire bar.

Check out Joyner Lucas' video below.

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