The premiere of Lifetime’s Surviving R. Kelly docuseries on Thursday night (Jan. 3) garnered plenty of polarizing conversations from music artists and fans alike on social media.

However, on Friday (Jan. 4), Joyner Lucas jumped on his Twitter account and made the decision to offer his support for the embattled R&B singer.

In a now-deleted tweet, the Grammy-nominated rapper wrote, "I know this has to be one of the hardest patches in your life right now @rkelly. I'm literally watching the entire world condemn you and turn they back on you. I'm not saying you don't deserve it. All I'm saying is please don't hurt yourself or take yourself out. I'd still be sad."

Of course, fans who have watched the docuseries weren’t feeling Joyner’s tweet and started dragging him on their timelines. The backlash was so severe that Joyner had to clarify his initial tweet.

"People are upset because I'm telling someone to NOT kill themselves? Wtf? Lol like bro. Y'all cray,” he wrote. “I clearly said I'm NOT saying he don't deserve what he's getting. I'm not on his side. But he shouldn't kill himself."

Shockingly, in another tweet, Joyner revealed that he didn’t even watch the docuseries and conceded that he misspoke regarding R. Kelly.

"I took my tweet down because i felt like maybe I should of watched the documentary before commenting," he tweeted. "I haven’t seen it yet. All I know is I wake up 1 day and everybody wishing dude go kill himself. Im the same dude who created A suicide awareness video. Imma watch the doc tho."

Nevertheless, folks are still dragging Joyner. However, there are a few people who understood what Joyner was trying to say but encouraged him to watch the Surviving R. Kelly docuseries.

"This Joyner Lucas tweet really really really dumb. This is exactly why people don’t like him," tweeted one person. Another Twitter user wrote, "Don't speak on shit you don't know!"

Finally one fan tweeted, "Yeah watch the doc pls because you basically just threw all the victims under the bus smh. We won’t ever be able to imagine what he did to them. But I tell you one thing I believe them."

Check out Joyner Lucas' tweets and the fans' reactions to the rapper's comments below.

See Tweets About Joyner Lucas' R. Kelly Support After After Docuseries Premiere 


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