Chicago unites as Joey Purp links up with Saba and theMIND for a new track called "Cornerstore." The song is produced by Thelonious Martin with additional work by Donnie Trumpet, Peter Cottontale, J.P Floyd and Knox Fortune.

The single employs some triumphant horns and hard-knocking drums to set the stage for the rappers. Joey Purp and Saba both take the opportunity to address the harsh realities of growing up in the city of Chicago. Joey kicks off the record with some vivid imagery on the first verse.

"But black son gon' hood rich from a broke home/Judge us by our skin tone, no fighting when it's guns drawn/I remember finding that revolver, I was looking through my closet/Tryna to find my remote control car charger/Wish I knew then things I knew now bout how it goes down/Aimed it at my head and make a gun sound, ain't that a bitch/ Adolescence ducking opposition, don't get too attached/We made it through too much and ain't no looking back/And opposites attract so I'm a magnet to these bitches and bitch n---as, that's tragic/I'm out the mall cause they plastic, why pass the ball with my handles/It's off the wall, yeah I'll stand it/Had a dream I wasn stacking, I woke up screaming and gasping/In the studio jamming, listening to Thelo's piece/And no religion shit, Chiraq look like the Middle East," Joey Purp raps.

"Cornerstore" serves as the first single for Joey Purp's next project iiiDrops, which is coming soon.

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