Joey Badass feels that he's a part of the reason that Kevin Durant has decided to take his talents to the Brooklyn Nets.

Shortly after the news of KD's decision to link with Kyrie Irving in Brooklyn was announced on Sunday night (June 30), Joey took to Instagram to share a portion of an interview he had with Angie Martinez earlier in the month. In the clip, the Brooklyn rapper is explaining how he is an official ambassador for the Nets and how he'd been in conversation with KD.

"Nobody knows I’m like the ambassador dude. Nobody knows I’m talking to Kevin Durant right now," Joey said. When prompted by Angie to share the specifics of their conversations, Joey kept it casual.

"I’m just talking to him. That’s my man," Joey explained. "'East Coast is better,' we have conversations like that."

He was then asked by Angie what exactly being an ambassador entails, and he seemed to hint toward trying to bring KD to the East Coast once again.

"Just be cool at the games and talk to the players and recruit other players from other cities maybe," Joey said.

In the caption of the Instagram post, Joey added, "Imma just leave this here... BROOKLYN! 👑🏀"

Kevin Durant's decision to join the Nets comes after three seasons with the Golden State Warriors.

Watch the clip of Joey's interview with Angie Martinez for yourself below. Do you think he deserves some credit?

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