If you want straight bars, Joey Bada$$ and J. Cole are two of the illest in the game. The Pro Era leader recently tapped Jermaine for the song "Legendary" off his new album All-American Bada$$.

"Legendary" contains a smooth track, which allows both MCs to clearly get their point across. "This is legendary/Always been my mission, never secondary/Gettin' better every January, it's very scary/They gon' recognize eventually, I take it if they don't give it to me/Swear all of it was written for me/By a higher conscious spiritually," Joey snaps.

Cole keeps the track in a contemplative state, seamlessly flowing over the jazzy soundscape. "Perhaps I was foolish, just like the boy that prays to only see the sun/Maybe, life happens like tides/One minute you're low and feelin' shallow, then all of a sudden you rise/Just, ride the wave, I say to myself/Find a way, the weight of my wealth/It's honestly a lot to bear/I play the game of stackin' knowin' that I ought to share," the N.C MC spits.

Joey recently relayed how he obtained the verse from Cole during an interview with Los Angeles Leakers, saying they linked up in the studio when Cole asked for his blessings to use the "Waves" beat for "False Prophets." “He sent me the record the day before his album dropped,” Joey said. “I already knew off of the strength of that, he was going to come through with the verse. He was telling me for a minute like, ‘Yo, you’re the only person I got on my feature list. I got you, I’m gonna make it happen, just wait. I gotta finish my album and shit.’ He literally sent the shit the day before his album came out.”

Listen to "Legendary" below.

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