Joey Bada$$ went on Twitter this morning to vent about his distaste of the media slander Bill Cosby is facing, despite the amount of women who came forward to say that the Comedian drugged and raped them.

"I don't fuck with the Bill Cosby slander," the rapper wrote. "Im not gonna let the media brainwash me into hating one of my childhood BLACK heroes." Bada$$'s stance is that the media is brainwashing people into believing whatever they see fit. He states that he doesn't condone rape but doesn't like the way people are maliciously destroying Cosby's legacy. "Every media site can start slandering anyone at any moment with some half ass story," he continued. "And you guys will fucking believe it... The media rapes, brainwash, kill and humiliate more people than anyone on this planet."

Read his tweets below.