In 2012, Pro Era lost a vital member of their team when Capital Steez passed away. Co-Founder of Pro ERA, Joey Bada$$, had a tough time dealing with the passing and recently reflected on losing the man he once considered his "brother" with Myspace's Joey Bada$$ x Five Minutes To The Stage.

"Every show, like beforehand, we do a prayer for STEEZ and onstage we do a moment [of] silence for him and we got this whole section for him, you're going to see it tonight,” Joey Bada$$ said.

Despite Steez's untimely demise, Joey has been proud of his team's progression overall. As for himself, Joey is gearing up to release his debut album  B4.DA.$$ (Before The Money) this fall. With his debut project being recorded in the same studio as Nas, Jay Z, and Big L, we can only expect that the youngster is something grand and paramount in the making.


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