Jimi Tents is determined to make a statement on his latest track. The SleeperCamp member touches on the enduring effects of slavery in America with the new single "400" produced by Marzboygenius. The Brooklyn rapper puts a deep emphasis on every word to increase their impact on the listener.

"Same lil' nigga known for being off the chain, bitch/A nigga still a nigga even when you change his name, bitch/And when I'm saying nigga, I don't mean what's in my veins, bitch/I'm talking how you view me cause my niggas on the same shit," Jimi Tents raps.

Jimi Tents is going all out in his music endeavors. The rapper decided not to attend college so that he could put his full focus into music. The New York native talked about that decision in a 2015 interview.

"With music being my main priority right now, I chose to put school temporarily on the backburner," he told Okayplayer. "I know it’s not possible to rap forever and I have goals outside of music where school might be necessary, so I will go back. But my family and a collective amount of members of my crew are nothing but extremely supportive in all of my decisions."

If you want to hear more from Jimi Tents, make sure to check out his 5 O'Clock Shadow EP which is available on iTunes. You can also stream an extended LP version of the project on SoundCloud.

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