The first track of Jim Jones' Wasted Talent album ("Never Did 3 Quarters") is a reflective one, but the Harlem stalwart ditches contemplation for celebration in his new video for the track.

The video, which was released last Wednesday (May 9), finds Capo hitting the Bahamas as he pops bottles and kicks back with his peoples. Filled to the brim with clips of bottle popping, smoking and dancing, Jimmy's new video is all positive vibes. Naturally, Capo smiles almost the whole way through.

The instrumental for "Never Did 3 Quarters" sounds like a rap memorial, and the lyrics pay tribute to Capo's Harlem roots. "Street taught us (uh huh)/We could never forget what the streets taught us (not at all)/Love the Harlem streets, rest in peace," he says in a eulogy of an opening for the track.

Speaking with XXL about the project, Jimmy explained the way his new album title connects with the movie Bronx Tale.

"One of the slogans in the movie Bronx Tale is, 'The saddest thing in life is wasted talent,' which is true, and where we come up from it happens every day, and we see it all too often," said Jones, who also told XXL he saw parts of himself in MMA fighter Conor McGregor. "So I just want to reflect on that for a minute and give the kids something to look at and something to hear that has some substance."

Check out Capo's new video below.

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