Though the Gucci brand has taken multiple Ls recently in the PR department, and has even been boycotted by many rappers, Jim Jones is staying loyal to the designer brand. He sounds like he might even be willing to scrap over his affinity for the label if need be.

On Friday (May 24), the Harlem rapper posted a photo to his Instagram account that shows him posing with a Gucci hoodie and matching belt. Clearly knowing this would be a hot topic, he addressed the coming comments head on. "Don’t ask me about Gucci goofy," he captioned the photo. "When [Dapper Dan] start sellin 2 DD’s instead of 2 GG’s I will stop rockin it but until then eat ur heart out."

He also sounds like he was with all the smoke that would come from any rapper who vehemently opposed his bucking of the boycott. "Any rappers have a issues wit tht I’m never hard to find AMEN," he added.

Gucci has been in hot water among many in the Black community after it came out with a sweater that resembled Black face back in February. T.I., Soulja Boy and others decided to boycott the brand and suggested others do so as well. More recently, Gucci was called out for selling an $800 designer turban, which made 50 Cent upset.

Neither instance seems to have altered Jim Jones' love for the line. Check out Capo's post about his love for Gucci below.

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