Jim Jones was a guest on ESPN's Highly Questionable. The segment was taped two weeks ago (notably before the death of Coke Boy rapper Chinx) and aired yesterday (May 20). Capo sat down with Dan Le Batard and Bomani Jones to about the craziest fight  he's been in, which began Jim's story about being in a 30 minute fight in D.C.

"It started with Juelz arguing with somebody," he said. "Then someone said something slick to Juelz and Juelz said he'll slap the s--- out of them. His reply was what and then [Freaky] Zeeky said he'll slap the s--- out of you then Zeek slapped the s--- out of him and then the whole fight ensued."

In the 11-minute interview is basically a lengthy conversation about his craziest altercations. The Harlem MC his "trouble" with Louis Farrakhan, fighting with Diddy's crew at Rucker Park and his Miami run in with French Montana. "Shouts to French, he is a lover not a fighter. He didn't want no sauce with that, I think that would've been the best bet. I don't think he still wants no sauce with that; so he should just continue loving and enjoy his career, and make the money he is making," Jones said.

He even gets a little emotional when he talks about giving his son the world since he didn't have much as a child. The best part of the interview is when Jim tries to teach Papi how to make it rain while rapping "We Fly High." Check out the interview above.