Jim Jones has never been one to ignore the chance to call it how he sees it, and he reminded everyone of that fact with an accusatory Instagram post he uploaded yesterday (March 22).

In the post, which features a photo of Jimmy putting on what could be called a judgmental facial expression, the Harlem stalwart calls out a certain "well-known rapper" for rocking a fake Cuban link.

"When U see a well know rapper fronting with a fake Cuban on lol #DoYou don't let nobody tell U different lol lol," the Capo captioned his photo. Now the question is, who, exactly, is Jimmy talking about?

We've honestly got no concrete idea. We do know Jimmy's been beefing with Cam'ron for quite a while now, and the Purple Haze artist has been known to rock a Cuban link from time to time. You can see Jimmy's Instagram post and a few pics of Cam rocking a Cuban link below.

In other Jim Jones-related news, the rapper recently signed with Roc Nation, putting aside his past beef with the label's founder, Jay Z, in the process. Roc Nation is now handling all of Jimmy's acting, rapping and fashion endeavors.

“The fact that people are ready to forget the past and help me move forward to the next step of my career is very inspiring,” Jones said at the time of the signing. “As you get older you realize that most of your peers are either dead or in jail. The fact that we can move past the BS is a testimony to how much we have grown.”

A few weeks ago Jimmy also dropped some new music with Migos and Juelz Santana, so we should be keeping an eye out for the Capo for the rest of the year.

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