Jidenna held a listening session for his forthcoming album, Long Live the Chief, back in August, but the rapper's debut remains under wraps, a release schedule as well unknown. If singles are any indication though, Jidenna remains on course, with a Quavo collaboration titled "The Let Out" appearing on Apple Music today. The song remains an international exclusive, though it is expected to be made available in North American markets at midnight tonight.

A preview of the song is included below. Though Quavo doesn't appear in the snippet, Jidenna can be heard rapping in a rather laid-back flow. "Now you looking at a man that’s on a mission/Blind sided cause your main don’t got no vision/Enemies tryin' pack us in a prison/We gon pack up in that old Honda Civic" he says.

Jidenna's last single, "Little Bit More," dropped in July, with a video released a few weeks later. At his listening party last year, he said of his album, "It feels good to be done and have something that will not just change this world, not just this era but eras to come.” Whether this new single means the album required more work or simply took time to unveil remains unclear, though the previous time frame for the album release, Fall 2016, has passed at this point.

As for Quavo, the single is another opportunity for the Migos member to flex his feature chops.

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