Rising rapper Julian links up with Jeremih for new club banger "Got It On Your Own." The video for the track, which is directed by Tarik Freitekh, was shot in Los Angeles plus finds both artists in an abandon warehouse with beautiful dancers all around them. The record follows up Julian's SoundCloud hits "Love Me” and “Barbie.” "Got It On Your Own" is about a real life past relationship of Julian

“The song is about a girl who’s lost and trying to find her way, so in the scene with the dirty mattress, the girl looks vulnerable," Julian explains through email. "She’s lost, all alone, in a dodgy room with a dodgy-ass mattress,” explains Julian, who started pursuing his rap dreams in 2013. “From there, the video gets brighter with choreography, she’s dancing, she’s dressed differently. She realizes that I’m there for her and she feels better.”

Jeremih and Julian make one good combination. The Chicago crooner was the perfect addition to the self-produced track.

“Jeremih likes to speak to the girls,” says Julian. “He has songs that are like that, where he talks about their issues. He’s always been that type of artist and, of course, a talented artist also. So, when we were coming up with the concept of the song and we created it, one of the people who came to mind was Jeremih. We said, ‘He would be perfect.’ He’s got a talented voice and his style fit the song perfectly. Besides that, we knew he could relate to it.”

With over 1 million views and counting and plenty of airplay, keep you eye out for Julian. Watch the video below.

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