Hip-hop questions on Jeopardy! often stump contestants but one particular answer during a Thursday (May 17) episode led to a hilarious mix-up involving Nas and Future.

During the show, host Alex Trebek offered a clue from the Hip-Hop Hooray! category which read, "In the past, this hitmaker of 'Turn On the Lights' and 'Mask Off' was Nayvadius Wilburn."

While Future's government name—Nayvadius Wilburn—may be a surprise to some, most hip-hop fans would know that "Mask Off" is Future's big hit and "Turn On the Lights" was one of his breakthrough singles. Unaware, contestant Steve responded with "Who is Nas?" which was obviously the wrong answer. The other two contestants were also unable to give the correct answer, standing in silence as Trebek revealed the correct rapper.

Hip-hop questions have kept Jeopardy! contestants quiet in the past. In February, contestants struggled with another hip-hop-related fact, which pertained to Kendrick Lamar. Trebek offered the clue, “Hitmaking was in his ‘DNA.’ He had ‘Loyalty.’ He was ‘Humble.’ & in ‘Love.’—‘Damn,'" but was met with silence after no one was able to guess it was K. Dot.

But the series has seen some success when it comes to questions about rap. During a January episode, Jay-Z was the subject of one clue and contest Steph was able to answer correctly. "4:44 the 2017 album by this rapper debuted exclusively on Tidal music service also owned by this rapper," the host said, to which Steph quickly replied with, "Who is Jay-Z?"

Check out a clip of the mix up below.

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