Jennifer Skye's appearance on 2 Chainz's "Birthday Song," has made her 36D-28-41 physique more recognizable than ever before. The Latin beauty from the Washington Heights sector of Manhattan has graced magazine covers, as well as flaunting her luscious body in music videos of Fat Joe and Fabolous. While she's featured in the pages of XXL's latest issue (on newsstands now), it was only appropriate for Ms. Skye to get a little extra personal for readers on the Internet. Check out additional photos of the Puerto Rican bombshell above, and an exclusive interview, which highlights her taste in men, hip-hop, and alcohol. —Jaeki Cho (@JaekiCho)

XXL: Alright, so what’s your number one deal breaker for a potential boyfriend?

Jen Skye: Deal breaker? Swag! No. So it’s something that’s just going to make me [dismiss] a guy, right? See I don’t like those steroids-type guys. I hate big, muscular, fake-looking, muscle-head guys. I don’t like it. When you walk and its like this doesn’t touch this part of your body there’s something wrong. I want you to be able to walk!

Do you like skinny guys?

Okay, I don’t like to be thicker or fatter than my boyfriend. Because there’s a difference between skinny and slim. If you’re tall and slim then you complement me more.

Even with your heels on?

Of course! You have to be a little taller than me! I still want to look up to my man! Like, “Hi! Kiss me and come down!”

Then, what type of footwear would make you completely reject a man as a potential date? Or a hookup?

I have an issue with dress shoes. See, I’m from Washington Heights, and I’m used to seeing Dominicans with them pointy shoes. There’s a certain dress shoe that I don’t like. You can’t have them too pointy. When you’re in the club, the lights come on and you see what they’re wearing and then you’re like, “Oh!” I wouldn’t judge somebody based on his or her wardrobe but I’m picky, too. And I’m into fashion so you have to be fashionable, too.

What’s your favorite hip-hop track to dance to?

Right now? It’s so stupid, but when I hear French Montana’s “Pop That,” I get hyped.

Sure. What’s your favorite rap album?

Blueprint, I mean I can’t sing all his songs. I’m not into rap, but I can listen to Jay-Z’s albums and not skip a track. I’m not a rap fan though. Wait, which one is the album with “Encore”?

Black Album?

That one! That came out when I was in high school.

How was high school for you?

I went to Catholic school for like two years, so that was not too fun. And I had a scholarship, but I didn’t keep up, so then I got transferred to public school. Well, in a Catholic school skirt you can still see your butt. But, when I went to public high school that’s when I started wearing baggier [clothes]. The transition from Catholic school to public school is big. So, at that point you have to feel like you want to be “cool” or whatever, and I don’t think tight jeans were really too popular at that time.

Throughout high school did you have a lot of boyfriends?

I had one boyfriend, who was older. It lasted for about three years? I’ve been in long relationships. The longest relationship I’ve been in was about five years.

Does ethnicity matter to you in terms of dating?

Um, I prefer Spanish guys. But, I would date a black or a white guy. And you know what? In high school my boyfriend’s mother was Chinese but his dad was Puerto Rican. He just looked Chinese, but he had the whole Puerto Rican swag. Swag is very important.

How’d you first get into modeling?

I went to Miami three years ago and I bumped into a photographer. He asked, “Do you model?” I told him, “No.” And then he offered to take pictures of me. He took down my number, and then he was asking, “Do you want to do a swimming suit shoot?” I told him, “I’ve never shot or did anything like it.” I ended up going to Jamaica, and did the shoot, which landed me on the cover of Smooth.


So I said maybe this is something I could do. I used to work in a hospital as a receptionist.

So modeling is what you do full time?

I bartend, and I got my license as a wedding planner, but nowadays people don’t need that and can’t afford it. So I want to change and start doing events. I’m going to take a course next month, just to get familiarize with the event aspect.

Since you mentioned bartending, what alcohol will set you in the right mood?

Sangria. I hate chocolate. Thank God! I’d probably be a house! I don’t like chocolate. And I’m lactose, too, so I can’t eat sweets. No cake, ice cream, cheese, and milk. I’m a Grey Goose drinker. If I just want to drink heavy that day and I’m at a restaurant, I’m just like, “Hey, can I have a double shot of Goose?” Or I’ll say, “Hey, can I have a glass of Sangria?” It just sounds better.

Then who’s an ideal celebrity to accommodate the evening?

I love Vin Diesel. He’s just sexy. I love a bald, nice size…He doesn’t look like he’s on steroids. You’ve seen his movies? He’s diesel! I know you’re not checking him out. I check him out. He’s just sexy and bald, the way he talks. Anyway, him and a glass of sangria! I’m kidding! Joke!

Were you always out going growing up?

Yeah. I had like eighty friends. Everybody was my best friend. I was like the girl that everybody had sleepovers. Now I have my circle. You learn as time goes on. Different experiences. So now I have trust issues with people. I have it with men because of experiences. So now I’m just like you have your friends, your acquaintances, your co-workers. And I know whom to kind of rely on.

Like, when a dude cheats on you, how do you handle it?

Now? That’s it. It’s over. But I’ve been in situations where I could break up for two, three weeks and they’re trying everything possible to get back with me, so I’m like, “Wow, they’re really trying.” Maybe I could try and forgive. Now, though? That’s it. I feel like we create monsters because we forgive you guys. And then you guys kiss our ass, and then we fall into the trap. And we take you guys back.

What’s the biggest misconception people have?

Um, that I’m a big booty hoe! I did the video that’s why, with 2 Chainz. And you see I bartend so I always get misconnected to be a money digger, a gold digger or I’m fake and my body’s fake. Or I’m a stripper. I hate that. So that’s that, but I’m not a big booty hoe.