Snow Season is upon us. Jeezy follows the recent announcement of his Trap or Die 3 project by releasing the first single off the album. The Atlanta rapper unleashes "Let Em Know" as the first taste of the new entry into his Trap or Die series.

"We getting money in this mufucka, what it do/Got a pocket full of hunnids and I bet they blue/Hard dick and bubblegum, no pillow talk/And I ain't gotta say much, I let the skrilla talk," Jeezy raps on the thunderous track.

Jeezy just revealed his plans to release Trap or Die 3 yesterday (Sept. 8) in an Instagram post. The rapper shared a video message where he unveiled a major change for this edition of the Trap or Die series. The key difference between this upcoming project and the previous two is that Trap or Die 3 will be released as an album instead of mixtape.

"You already know I came in this game hard as a mothafucka and that’s how we going out nigga,” Jeezy said in the video. “Trap or Die 3 nigga, trust me. I’m announcing it - Trap or Die 3: The Album."

Jeezy's message sounds like the new album could be much more than a normal release. His declaration of "going out" could be a hint this is a potential swan song for the trap rapper. On the other hand, Jeezy could simply be talking about bringing his Trap or Die series to close. Either way, Trap of Die 3: The Album will be a landmark project in the career of Jeezy.

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