After being touted as the next deadly combination to takeover the rap game, it appears the relationship between Jeezy and Freddie Gibbs is completely strained. Freddie Gibbs—who was once signed to CTE—left and blamed Jeezy for many of his musical mishaps. According to Jeezy, Gangsta Gibbs dealt a crucial blow to his relationship with Eminem. In an interview with Hot 97, Jeezy explained Gibbs' role in killing his working relationship with Em.

"When the whole ordeal was going on, I was more disappointed than anything," Jeezy said in an interview with New York radio station Hot 97. "I messed up a lot of relationships, even with Eminem, just by me putting Gibbs on the record that was for me and, trying to convince Em to do the record, and the record leaking in the process. That burned a great bridge for me. Eminem is my dude. Me putting [Gibbs] on song with T.I. - putting him on three or four of my mixtapes - and me paying for videos that he didn't use because when he showed up to the set too late for them to shoot, and it's all my money."

Gibbs left CTE in 2012, citing lack of support from Jeezy. In addition, he attempted slaying his reputation by calling him fake. In 2013, He even went far enough to label his former boss and friend a "fraud".