The elevator debacle between Jay Z, Beyonce, and Solange has been the talk of the week. While it has simmered down a bit with recent photos of Bey and Solange showcasing their sisterly love, TNT's Inside the NBA, decided to take some jabs at them after the Brooklyn Nets lost in five games to the Miami Heat, last night.

Infamously known for their "Gone Fishin'" post which bids farewell to teams after their losses in the playoffs, the photo showed Kevin Garnett using a walker to move around the boat while their coach Jason Kidd was seen a with a Coke and a smile. On the other end of the boat, was Jay Z giving Solange a mean stiff arm.

After the incident, rumors circulated saying that Jay and Solange were ok after the video leaked, as they were spotted at a jewelry store.

As far as Mrs. Carter is concerned, there was no Beyonce sighting in the picture.

Inside the NBA