Jay-Z is explaining why he named his daughter Blue Ivy and it actually has nothing to do with the color.

Jay-Z Explains Why He Named His Daughter Blue Ivy

On Friday (Oct. 27), CBS Mornings aired part two of a rare interview with Jay-Z. As Jigga gives host Gayle King an exclusive tour of his Book of Hov tribute exhibit at Brooklyn Public Library, he was asked why he named his daughter Blue Ivy and if it was in reference to his favorite color. Hov cleared things up.

"I wish it was that simple but it's a story," Jay-Z explains around the 7:20-mark in the video below. "Her name was supposed to be Brooklyn. That was the name that we had in theory. But when we got to, what do you call it, those little sonograms? You know, it was super small there and we was calling her Blueberry. Like, 'Look at the little blueberry.' It was like a nickname for nine months. So, it was natural, we just took the 'berry' off and just called her Blue."

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Why Was Jay-Z Originally Going to Name His Daughter Brooklyn?

On the first verse of Jay-Z's 2007 track, "Hello Brooklyn 2.0" featuring Lil Wayne, the proud Brooklynite declared, "Hello Brooklyn, if we had a daughter/Guess what I'ma call her, Brooklyn Carter." When Jay and his world-famous wife Beyoncé introduced their first-born daughter to the world as Blue Ivy Carter five years later, many put the icon's previous lyrics into question. However, all these years later, there's a definitive explanation.

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Blue Ivy Carter Surprises Beyoncé Fans by Dancing With Her Mother on Renaissance Tour

Now, in 2023, Blue Ivy Carter, 11, appears to be following closely in the footsteps of her A-list parents. Back in May, Blue completely surprised her mother's rabid fan base when she performed alongside Beyoncé on her Renaissance Tour, perfectly executing the choreography to "My Power" in front of 80,000 people in Paris.

In the CBS Mornings interview below, check out Jay-Z telling Gayle King all about why he named his daughter Blue Ivy instead of Brooklyn Carter.

Watch Jay-Z Explain Why Naming His Daughter Blue Ivy Had Nothing to Do With the Color

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