The folks at Funny or Die have imagined the perfect way for Jay Z to respond to the cheating revelations from Beyoncé's Lemonade. The comedic website came up with I Gave You Lemons as Jay Z's official response to Lemonade.

The parody goes all out with the effort as it lasts a full hour. You read that right. Funny or Die concocted their own version of the HBO special with tons of stock footage and a fake Jay Z voiceover throughout the entire video.

"I wanted to reach out to filmmakers I know to make this response special, but no one wants to work with me," Jay Z says in the beginning of the video. "Everybody is mad cause I cheated on my wife. I can't believe I cheated on Beyoncé. I totally forgot that I was married to Beyoncé!"

The Lemonade parody features Jay Z turning to WikiHow for guidance on how to solve the problems in his life. Jay also criticizes Beyoncé for listening to her father Matthew Knowles while jokingly noting that Knowles is not that much older than Hov.

For Beyoncé, this is just another free promotional tool that can add to the buzz surrounding Lemonade. While much of talk around the LP has centered around Jay Z's alleged infidelity, there have been reports that the Roc Nation boss actually helped his wife write and develop that storyline on the album.

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