You must be stupid if you don't think Cardo is a top five producer right now. Fresh off his phenomenal full-length project Big Bossin Vol. 1 with Detroit's Payroll Giovanni and a clean collab with rising Bay Area star Kamaiyah, the Denver-born, Dallas-based producer is back with another slapper. "I Ain't Trippin" is the debut single from G-Worthy, a duo comprised of the Compton-raised Jay Worthy and L.A.'s own G Perico, and you better have your Jheri curl lookin' right before you play this in the whip.

Worthy and Perico have an album coming later this year, wisely produced by Cardo in entirety, and the first single is a precious preview of what to expect - pimp raps, Quik-like guitar twangs and drums so hard they might make you bust a crip walk. It's just what you'd want from a West Coast record in the summertime, and Jay Worthy, who you might have heard as one half of LNDN DRGS, sets it off like the protagonist of a blaxploitation flick. "I said bitch...go get me some ribs/Put your feet in them heels and go sit your ass on Fig." Too Short would be proud.

Jay and G have a tried and true history of chemistry on wax. Last year they ganged up on "La Quinta," further illustrating Worthy's love for '80s samples, and the year before that they were both on "Uza Trikk" with fellow West Sider Earl Swavey and the late, great A$AP Yams, who Worthy counts as a mentor. It makes sense why Worthy and Perico make a good match – Jay, with his slick, pimp-tight raps, and G Perico, with a slightly more unhinged delivery. We can't wait to bump their full-length in the sun.

Asked about the song, Cardo simply says it's the product of "just some cool niggas making some shit for you to groove to, bringing back that fun in music by all means."

Hear "I Ain't Trippin" above and try to do the damn same.

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