Jay IDK released one of the best albums of the year in Empty Bank. The LP explored the pitfalls of having money, which was highlighted on the standout track "Mentality."

The Maryland rapper has given "Mentality" a new spotlight with the release of a music video. Jay IDK takes to the streets to London to spit his bars about spending cash on frivolous things.

"Don't let a nigga pull up in that black thang/Cause I'ma be stunting like my daddy/Shoulda never let a nigga in the rap game/You might just catch me at the Grammys/With yo bitch, that's yo bitch, I pull up/She disappeared hocus pocus, like wussup/And if you got a problem hold this," Jay IDK raps.

XXL recently spoke to Jay IDK about his latest album. The creative MC reflected on the LP at great length and touched on the inspiration for the record's monetary theme.

"The Empty Bank talks about really specific instances where I kind of make the wrong moves based off of money and it also details instances where I was acting like I had money when I really didn’t have that much money," Jay IDK said. "The project really spells out a lot of that. If you listen to it, you’ll get an understanding of what’s going on in my head."

If you have not heard Empty Bank yet, you need to change that immediately. The project can be purchased on iTunes or streamed for free on SoundCloud.

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