Maryland rapper Jay IDK starts off the new year by hopping on Kanye West's "Famous" for "Hello Pt 2." This follows up the visual he dropped for “Mentality,” which released last month. Jay blacks out on this, rapping about money, SoundCloud rappers and everything in between.

"Speaking of invest, Jewish niggas organize my checks/Telling me relax every time a brotha wanna flex/What's next?/I just speak my piece keep my peace/Cubans with the Jesus piece, with my peeps," IDK raps.

Last year, he released his album, The Empty Bank, in September. The 14-track LP is Jay's best work to-date and is one of the standout projects of 2016. Jay IDK is not delivering boastful tales of his fortune or relaying a familiar rags to riches story. The talented MC looks at his finances in a very pragmatic way by offering an honest look at the life of rapper who’s starting to make some moves in the industry. We spoke to Jay about making real money, saving and the balancing act of being a rapper while being financially responsible.

The Empty Bank talks about really specific instances where I kind of make the wrong moves based off of money and it also details instances where I was acting like I had money when I really didn’t have that much money,” Jay IDK said. “The project really spells out a lot of that. If you listen to it, you’ll get an understanding of what’s going on in my head.”

Listen to "Hello Pt 2" above.

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