Jay IDK has come up with a fascinating concept to follow up his breakthrough album. After making a big splash in 2015 with his SubTrap project, the Maryland rapper returns with a new LP titled The Empty Bank. The album sees Jay IDK exploring the realities of making money in the rap game.

The Empty Bank stands out from the pack because of its scope. Jay IDK is not delivering boastful tales of his fortune or relaying a familiar rags to riches story. The talented MC looks at his finances in a very pragmatic way by offering an honest look at the life of rapper who's starting to make some moves in the industry.

Jay IDK spoke to Forbes about what inspired the project. The "My Wallet" rhymer explained how his own finances sparked the idea for the album.

"When I started doing music and my last project started to move, I started to do a lot more shows and I started to get a lot more offers for things," Jay said. "I realized how easy it was to make money. So when I started to see money come in, I realized that I was spending money on things I shouldn’t. People were beginning to look at me like I had more money than I actually had, and I even played into that sometimes. I always like to vent and tell the truth in my music. That’s why this happened. I was like, 'This is what I’m going through, and people need to know.'"

You can stream The Empty Bank in its entirety for free via SoundCloud below. If you would like to support Jay IDK, you can cop the album right now on iTunes. Don't sleep on this project as it is sure to be one of the best you have heard in 2016.

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