About a month ago, Jay IDK—who now goes strictly by IDK—dropped his latest single "Baby Scale" featuring Yung Gleesh. Now, we have a video for the track, as well as an official announcement from IDK regarding his forthcoming project.

The self-proclaimed "Gabby Douglas of rap" is calling IWASVERYBAD a soundtrack LP, which will be released under Adult Swim. The channel aired a teaser for the song and LP last week, around the same time IDK tweeted a cryptic set of dates.

Spanning from Sept. 28 to Oct. 13, the rapper will be releasing IWVB - The Story of Jason Mills, though as of writing, we're still not exactly sure if it's just music we should be expecting from him. If we're judging by the last date of his IWVB release, the title name, and the trippy visual he dropped for "Baby Scale," it should be hauntingly epic.

If you were wondering why IDK has changed his name from his former moniker, he recently explained, "IDK was what my name was supposed to be originally. I'm just going back to the origins of who I am."

When XXL spoke to IDK at the 2017 Rolling Loud Festival about his upcoming music, this is what he had to say about it: "This year man, I really want to basically put this project out with Adult Swim and it be a breakout project that a lot of people, you know, love and respect. You know, I think the way people consume music nowadays, it’s more about singles. So I kind of want to bring it back to the album shit, you know what I mean?”

Prepare for IWASVERYBAD and watch the video for "Baby Scale" below.

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