Jay Electronica is still keeping fans in the dark regarding his long-awaited debut album, but he's popping up to drop a new verse on Poo Bear's "Hard 2 Face Reality" record featuring Justin Bieber.

The song, which originally surfaced in 2014 as an unauthorized Justin Bieber leak, will appear on Poo Bear's upcoming debut project, Poo Bear Presents Bearthday Music, and features the three stars laying down some vocals and verses over the gentle, melodic instrumental. While Bieber and the Grammy Award-winning songwriter take care of serenading listeners, Electronica comes through to spit some rhymes about accepting the present and what can't be changed.

"It's a miracle how one can change from what one was just hours ago," he spits. "Such is life though, it's just a psycho/The bigger picture and smaller picture exactly same, it's macro micro."

It's been over a decade since the New Orleans rapper announced his debut album, Act II: Patents of Nobility (The Turn) with no official release in sight. Last year at the NBA All-Star Weekend, he crushed fans' hopes by stating that an album is a false concept, calling it "something that was created by corporations as a product to make money."

Take a listen to Poo Bear's new song "Hard 2 Face Reality" featuring Jay Electronica and Justin Bieber in the stream below.

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