James Harden is having himself an MVP-caliber season, posting 40 points, 12 rebounds and 10 assists in a losing effort Tuesday night (Jan. 17). His week got off to a hot start as well, as the Houston Rocket guard previewed a new Travis Scott song through Snapchat, as seen below. Harden is stoked to be sharing the song, hitting some of Scott's signature adlibs—"straight up," "yeah"— as he pans.

In an example of how the worlds of basketball and hip-hop are as fluid as ever, Scott and Harden seem to be legitimate friends, as Harden is the biggest NBA star in Scott's hometown. As seen above and below, the two have a number of Instagram pictures together, even embracing in the one included above. Scott rides for the Rockets on Twitter as well, several of his most recent posts cheering on the team, with one after Christmas being an official vote for Harden to make the All-Star Game.

Scott is gearing up to release his third album in as many years with his upcoming AstroWorld, playing a snippet of a song himself earlier this month. In December of last year, Scott said his new album would be before year's end, writing, "Birds went #1 Very proud Tour soon Thank you to fans Astroworld 2017.” We spoke to Travis for our latest issue about his mindset while making the album.

Until more becomes available, the snippets will have to suffice. Catch Harden's Snapchat share below, the video not quite long enough to get a real sense of the song.

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